Promotional 3D Design Services

Various companies and corporations rely on many different promotional concepts in order to succeed. Without proper promotional materials supporting a venture, it is not easy to raise the public’s awareness of what the company offers. And, for that matter, it becomes difficult to inform the public that the company even exists. This is where a product designer / industrial designer such as Jonathan Globerson can prove to be highly reliable and effective help to a business. His experience allows him to provide a company with many promotional aids that can deliver a great deal of support.

What are the varied available services offered to deliver such help? Here is a brief look at a few of the available services in Florida and World Wide:

Web Design and Web Development: Could a company exist in the modern era without a high quality website designed to effectively promote  products or services. It is not enough these days to simply publish a website. The website needs to embody all the impactful and successful components needed to set it apart from competitors. Through employing proper website design, the ability to effectively establish a corporate identity while also properly promoting the sale of a product or service is possible. Also Jonathan has the ability to create E-Commerce Website, fully integrated with a shopping cart, secured checkout etc’.

Logo Design: Selecting the right logo is vital to a company’s success. When the proper design goes into the development of a logo, the finished product could prove tot be enormously helpful in terms of enhancing the public’s perception, recognition and awareness of a company. In many ways, proper logo design of an artistic nature will definitely aid a company’s promotional capabilities in innumerable ways.

Graphic Design: The term “graphic design” can be considered an all encompassing one. Both traditional print exhibitions as well as online versions need proper graphic design work in order to be successful. Jonathan Globerson is quite well versed in many of the areas of graphic design and can help your business achieve its goals through this process. Whether it is Catalogs, Brochures or any other type of needed graphics, we have the experience and knowledge to do it for your company.

Gadget Design: Some could say that gadget design is as broad a term as graphic design. That is because some gadgets may be produced to serve functional purposes while others can be more form and promotional oriented. Either way, gadget designer services are offered to craft that items that may prove to be enormously helpful to your company in many different ways. Jonathan could create a brand new gadget especially to your needs.

Illustration and Sketching: Do you need this type of work for product development, technical drawings, or prototype design or do you wish to incorporate such processes into a promotional venture? Regardless of what your needs may be, proper Hand Sketching and Marker Renderings are offered to deliver on those needs.

Packaging Services: The Package is more important than the product itself in terms of marketing. Never underestimate the importance of how a product is packaged in terms of its ability to promote a company. The professional packaging services Jonathan Globerman offers aid in drawing positive attention to a product which is why the services are such a great help. He can design for you both the packaging and the professional display it will have in stores, also known as POP or Point of Purchase.

3D Modeling: From 3D medical design to concept design, 3-d modeling has its value and any type of product design one wishes to employ can be produced directly to your specifications. Jonathan would creating working parts and 3D models which would be ready to produce, by any factory, anywhere in the world. Also these techniques used for presentation purposes to clients or investors. With a brilliant 3-D display, there is much promotional potential that can be derived.

Exhibit Design: If you need to redesign your shop’s display or your company’s booth in an exhibit you came to the right place. That’s why the work of a reliable professional are needed to make sure your exhibit display is cutting edge and impactful.

Again, these are but a few of the services available. No matter what type of design service or promotional service you are seeking, Jonathan Globerson can deliver on your needs, now serving Broward County and Miami Dade County. He also does product development for manufacturers overseas, whether you are in Russia, china or the USA, be sure to look for a certified product designer such as Mr. Globerson.