The Attributes of a Professional Product Designer

Product design and product development are multifaceted processes that require many different creative and technical steps. Any idea that is employed in product development must also embody a great deal of creativity so that the finished product will be a high quality one. This is why it is necessary to procure the services of a professional industrial product designer. While some companies may weigh the option of performing such work in-house, others will look to hire talented professionals that make their services available on a work for hire basis.

Ultimately, if you want your product design to be the most effective, you need to hire the most qualified and talented professional you can acquire. Here are the main attributes you need to look for:

Experience: A professional that is familiar with industrial design understands what is needed in order to deliver a successful finished product. Experience creates innovations and insights. It is not always easy to find or hire such professionals which are why they are constantly in demand. And they are in demand due to their ability to deliver results on time.

Insight: Insight can be considered one of the least understood of the attributes a professional designer brings to the table. In essence, insight refers to the designer’s ability to truly gain an effective perspective into what your company needs. Whether you are looking to develop prototypes for manufacturing ventures or are seeking basic concept design for a website, a professional industrial designer understands what is needed. Again, this is due to insight  in subjects such as ergonomics and production which relates back to experience.

Originality and Creativity: Among the many attributes a product design professional offers, being creative is one of the rarer ones to find. However, when you are able to find such a professional, you will assuredly be happy with the end result because no one wants to procure designs that are little more than carbon copies of what already exists on the market. Product designers that have long since established their talents for creativity and originality are definitely worth considering.

Variety of Service: As most realize, the term “design” is about as broad as can be. The categories can range from medical design to concept design to environmental design to furniture design to even toy design. Granted, some designers will have their own specialties while others can serve a multitude of design functions. Most companies would be best served hiring a product designer that have a wide range of skills because such diversity and variety of service contributes to his overall technical skills. This, certainly, would be a huge asset to those procuring the service.

Knowledge of Businesses: A product designer should not just be someone that simply designs items without knowing their purpose in the overall scheme of things. Logo design, for example, will often be asked if the designer only looks at things from the artistic perspective as opposed to how such a design will play into the company’s overall marketing and performance strategy. That is why a knowledgeable designer’s services should be sought.

Jonathan Globerson most definitely fits these categories and he can bring his professionalism and work ethic to your company’s industrial and professional design needs. From Hollywood to West Palm Beach, from New York to Tel Aviv, Jonathan is ready to serve all your professional design needs.