The Product Design Process

developing a new product requires a special procedure. It requires the industrial designer to go through a process which would eventually give the fruits of a new product to hit the market. It involves research, ideation sketches, concept development, computer renderings, 3d Model, and technical spec drawings. But the process doesn’t stop there, a good Product design would also involve, packaging, marketing and presentation materials. Here are the steps which the product design process requires.


The first phase of developing a new product is research. The designer would gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the purpose of the product, its functionality and how it would solve a problem which makes it necessary to exist. Then an evaluation the current market of the specific product would be conduct.  It would include competition research, trends which currently on the market, safe materials to use and colors. He would also check requirements of the laws and regulation, to see the product would fit legally and would be safe to produce.

Ideation Sketches

This stage requires the designer to incorporate the client’s concept, together with the designer’s understanding. The designer will sketch with pen and markers to create visualization of the fresh ideas and concept.

Computer Renderings

By picking the favorite directions from the sketching session, the designer will further develop the innovative concept into a drawn computer image. Using advanced computer tools, he will further develop the concept with more details, graphics, indicating dimensions and materials to be used. This is done with computer rendering and is done with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

3D CAD – Using 3D software

After the products intentions are met, now the product designer could put the desired design into real 3D parts. At this stage the designer will enter accurately and dimensioned all the parts into 3d software. Various software could be used at this stage, it could be Solidworks, Autocad, 3D Cad, Rhino, Alias or 3d studio max.

Photorealistic Computer Renderings

This is the most valuable stage to the customer; they finally get to see how the product they envisioned would look like. The 3d files created in 3D CAD are then used to create photorealistic computer generated images. The designer will create photo real images that would show the product from 360 degrees, revealing the final product looks, size and materials used.

Prototype and 3D Printing

The 3d files are ready to be used, the designer will 3d print the product to scale, using advanced technologies. He will create the first model of the desired product. The prototype would be used to check if the product functions properly, and to get a general perspective on its usage. This model could be used to present to prospect clients or manufacturers the intention of the product.

Technical Spec Drawings

Having a neat new designed product is great, but what is it worth without being able to manufacture it. This is where it is time to create a blue print, also known as technical spec drawing of the 3d model. The designer will prepare and make elevation views of the product, showing it from all sides and dimensioned. The drawings would also include remarks such as special features required, materials used, finishes and other important information for the manufacturer. These files may also be used for patenting the idea.


Last but not least, the product deserves a proper packaging. The package of the product must first of all protect it while it is being transferred from the manufacturer to the stores. The designer will evaluate the product’s need of safety while creating a package.  Not less important than the product’s safety the designer will incorporate marketing and graphic materials to the product. The intention of it would be that the product would be more attractive than competition products on the shelf.

Store Display

A great product with beautiful packaging is good. But, what if it is not displayed right in the stores? That is why it is important to create a special display for the products that would be sent to the stores. This type of product display, also known as POP or point of purchase display is one of the most important elements when integrating a new product into the market. This assures a proper display of the products in the stores.

In conclusion, the process of designing a new product is done well recognized stages. It requires knowledge, devotion, innovation and creativity. A new product depends on it size would take from 2 weeks to 12 weeks to develop. It requires a deep understanding of the market of industrial design. If you need help developing a new product be sure to contact the best professionals in the field. Jonathan Globerson is your number one choice when it comes to innovation of products.